Est. 1980

K-12 School Segment


The K-12 segment was created over seven years ago by Peter Bergman, Director of School Foodservice. Our focus with this new segment was and is to grow our existing principals’ lines as well as add value to the school lunch program. We have committed core personnel to this area and have focused on establishing relationships with Food Service Directors. Our goal is to grow and maintain long term relationships in this thriving industry.

Focused Support:

Our team covers three states; Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. We call and work directly with over 1,000 Food Service Directors across this region. We have also established a working database of over 1,000 Food Service Directors in which we utilize our E-Blast marketing tool. We have successfully distributed a wealth of information through this tool and continue to produce results. We are developing a Menu Installation that pairs our principals products together. This includes selected items that qualify with the updated regulations and standards.

Commodity Knowledge:

Together, our team has over fifteen years of commercially processed commodity knowledge. We continue to train and progress along with the federal and state guidelines and regulations. The following is what we provide to our manufacturers and customer accounts:

  • Review commodity bank accounts with individual schools
  • Re-allocate commodity products when necessary
  • Meet and discuss existing and new items
  • Drawdown over 75% of individual banks on a consistent basis
  • E-Blast information regarding products, bank account info, recipe ideas
  • Specialized Bid Department for reviewing all K-12 annual Bids

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Excellence in Service


Peter Bergman received an award for Excellence in Service within the K-12 Food Service Industry.

Judging Youth Advisory Council Binders for Elgin U-46!

Judging Youth Advisory Council Binders for Elgin U-46!

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